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Artifex Jewelry Design, has been created over time, beginning with local farmer's markets. Started by myself, Eda-Marie, it came out of a love of vibrant color, art, and design. It has gradually built itself into an online store while I also still attend the local markets to remain in touch with my customers and to learn their likes, dislikes, preferences, and custom designs. As a sole proprietor I strive to make each piece of jewelry unique so that no two pieces are the same. While some of the items that can be ordered on the site are templates, each piece that is shipped is different from every other piece before. My goal is to create vivid pieces of jewelry that compliment and emphasize the personality of each and every one of their wearers. I hope you enjoy what you find and contact me for any questions or custom requests you may have.

Jewelry Designer


Welcome to Artifex Jewelry Design, where my love of life and color are reflected in every piece I create. Each piece of jewelry has the whole of my attention to detail and I make a considerable effort to make each piece as pleasing as I can. Please bear with me as the site is currently under construction and being revamped. I can still be contacted for requests and questions, just go to my contact page, send me a message and I will respond within 1-2 days. Thank you!

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